Next Generation Account

The UBA NextGen account provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to have access to new-age banking and seamless services across our online and offline platforms!

Start thinking about your career and goals

It is offered in four major variants: NextGen Teen Account, NextGen Student Account, NextGen Graduate Account, NextGen Life-Starter Account

Next Generation Account

The UBA Next Generation account is a suite of personal savings accounts with the flexibility to provide the features and benefits applicable to the selected account holders. It is tagged as the Next Gen Account to identify with the peculiarities of the young target market.Account

– Students in Junior and Senor High Schools
– University and Polytechnic Undergraduates, Colleges of Education and other tertiary institutions.
– National Service Personnel
– Self employed, salaried individuals and young entrepreneurs
– Executive Trainees of blue chip companies, young entrepreneurs and artisans

-Scholarships and workplace experience schemes
– University Campus/Engagement activities that increase the bank’s publicity and enhance product visibility
– Strategic headhunting and job placement offers (subject to exceptional performance and requisite screening)



  • Facilitate deposits of instruments by and for minors
  • Early exposure to financial management
  • Third party withdrawals for applicable variants
  • Easy Parent/Guardian monitoring of the minors’ financial activities
  • Access to ATM banking and remittance services
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals
  • Interest bearing savings account
  • Free internal network transactions on the account
  • Career advisory, job fairs, employment advisory and entrepreneurial skills development


  • Completed account opening form
  • 1 passport photograph (endorsed)
  • Valid means of Identification: Students ID or Introduction letter from School or Statutory ID like: International Passport, National lD, Driver's License, Voter’s card or other acceptable ID
  • 1 current account references (if other cheques & dividend warrant would be lodged in account)

All Savings Accounts Come With

Internet Banking

Secure Transactions

Transaction Notifications

24/7 Banking

UBA Online Account

No need to visit the bank

The UBA Online Account is a unique account designed for people who desire to carry out their banking activities purely online, without visiting a bank branch.

Enjoy the flexibility of banking on the go, with our electronic channels (internet banking, mobile banking, ATM and EmailMoni) and get a 30% concession on transaction fee.