UBA Gold

UBA Gold is hybrid of a savings and current account which gives the customer the desired benefits derived from both accounts.

Everyone is different so one size never fits all

That is why we have a wide range of accounts to fit everyone, regardless of situation or lifestyle. So whether you want a basic account or one bursting with options, you will find the right account that meets your expectations.


  • Minimum initial opening balance of GHS 30
  • Minimum operating balance of GHS 20
  • Minimum amount of GHS50 attracts interest.
  • Allows for network transactions on the account.
  • Unlimited withdrawals. However, three withdrawals in a month forfeits interest


  • Interest rate at normal Savings Rate
  • Allows withdrawals by third party through non-clearing cheques valid for counter transactions ONLY
  • Accepts lodgements of cheques and dividend warrants (terms apply) Debit card for ATM, Internet & POS transactions
  • Debit card for ATM, Internet & POS transactions
  • Free internal network transactions on the account


  • Completed account opening form
  • 1 passport photograph
  • Valid means of ID: Int’l Passport, National lD, Driver's License, Voter’s card or other acceptable ID
  • Utility bill not exceeding 3months old
  • 1 current account references (If cheques and dividend warrant would be lodged)

All Savings Accounts Come With

Internet Banking

Secure Transactions

Transaction Notifications

24/7 Banking

UBA Online Account

No need to visit the bank

The UBA Online Account is a unique account designed for people who desire to carry out their banking activities purely online, without visiting a bank branch.

Enjoy the flexibility of banking on the go, with our electronic channels (internet banking, mobile banking, ATM and EmailMoni) and get a 30% concession on transaction fee.