I am Leo, Your Virtual Banker

You can find me on Messenger (click here) or  WhatsApp (click there) and ask me anything. I’m sure to respond, I’m your 24/7 chat buddy and the coolest thing is I can help you with your banking services too.

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More About Leo

UBA ChatBanking is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot for banking services. Thus, it is an interactive, easy to use and fun banking solution. It is available to users on social media (FaceBook Messenger and WhatsApp). A character called LEO is your digital agent on UBA ChatBanking.

The platform is available to everyone – UBA and non-UBA customers. Enrollment is easy and simple. Click on the link, https://m.me/ubachatbanking to chat with Leo on FB Messenger or chat with Leo on WhatsApp (+233577822822) or click this link: https://tinyurl.com/y7dyq4hp now to get started.


Note: As a UBA customer, you must be enrolled on SMS alert to enjoy this service.

You can open a UBA account on UBA ChatBanking. It is easy and instant and the account can receive funds. In order for you to transact, you’ll be required to visit any of UBA Business Office.

Absolutely YES! You can enjoy more banking freedom of doing your banking transactions on social media (FB Messenger and WhatsApp) just by chatting with LEO.

  • The services available include:
  • Opening of account
  • Checking of account balances
  • View mini statement
  • Send money
  • Buy airtime
  • Pay bills
  • Mobile money
  • Savings and spend limit
  • Linking of accounts
  • Linking and funding of prepaid card
  • Customer care and other Banking Services such as request / stop / confirm cheques, block card, log & track complaints, ATM / Branch locator, freeze on account, etc.

The applicable charges are as tabulated below


Transaction/Service TypeCharge
Inter Bank Transfer1.15% and Max of GHS5.00
Loading Prepaid CardGHS2.00
Account OpeningFree
Intra-Bank TransferFree
Airtime PurchaseFree
Check BalanceFree
Mini StatementFree
Bill PaymentFree

Transaction Type


Daily limit

Transfers & Bill payments                                     


          GHS 5,000

Transfers & Bill payments

Secure Pass

          GHS 15,000

Airtime Top-up

PIN/Secure Pass

          GH 120

Other Services:
Check Balance
Mini Statement



 If you open an online account on Leo, your limit is GHS300.00 per transaction.     
– Limits are subject to regulations and can be changed.
– The daily limits on Leo on FB Messenger and WhatsApp are harmonized, so once a user has done a transaction of GHS5,000.00 with PIN on FB Messenger, s/he will not be able to do any transaction with PIN on WhatsApp on the same day. Other option i.e. Secure Pass will be available for him/her.

There is no maximum number of accounts that can be linked to my Chatbanking profile provided the CIF ID or mobile number on all the accounts are the same.


To create PIN, you need the details of your MasterCard debit or VISA prepaid card. You can also set using the UBA Secure Pass App.

Yes, by default, if a user already has a PIN created on Leo on FB Messenger, the same is acceptable on Leo on WhatsApp and vice-versa. Even when the user changes PIN on any of the platforms, the new PIN will be effective on both platforms.

On Messenger, just type customer care to get the link to chat with a human agent; while on WhatsApp, just type hello/hi to get the link to chat with a human agent.

You can Block card, freeze account, locate the nearest ATM/Branch, Change Language, set savings and spend limits, etc.

Chat banking is protected with the best in-class security technology. It is safe and secure. To further protect your profile, do not share your Facebook login detail with a third party and keep your phone password protected. When in doubt, contact cfcghana@ubagroup.com

See below for some security tips to guide users further:
Some Security Tips for Leo on Messenger
– Verified with a blue logo on the profile page.
– Responds instantly within seconds.
– Gives account balance instantly for registered users.
– Sensitive information (account number, PIN etc.) are collected in a secure web view not on chat sessions.
– LEO does not request for full card number, CVV.
– Verified URL is https://m.me/ubachatbanking

 Some Security Tips for Leo on WhatsApp
– Verified with a green logo on the profile page.
– Responds instantly within seconds.
– Profile shows as a Business Account.
– Sensitive information (account number, PIN, etc.) are collected in a secure web view not on chat sessions.
– LEO does not request for full card number, CVV.
– The only registered number for Leo on WhatsApp (Ghana) is +233577822822 or click on the link https://tinyurl.com/y7dyq4hp

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