It is a simple, secured web based platform that allows individuals to Send and Receive funds across the continent.

Send and receive money in Africa with AfriCash

UBA AfriCash is designed to provide an efficient payment system for the booming and largely informal trade activities within the African Regions of the WAMZ, UEMOA, CEMAC and East/Southern Africa as well as provide a platform for settlement of imports and exports in respect of their formal trade Transactions


  • It can be initiated /received from any branch in local currency
  • Beneficiary can receive funds instantly after transfer has been effected.
  • AfriCash is available to account holders and walk-in customers
  • The exchange rate is automated on the platform based on daily rates advised by treasury department.


  • The transaction is tied to reference code, test question and answer which makes it very secure.
  • It is fast, convenient and easy to access. The transfer can be collected within five minutes.
  • It can be initiated /liquated from any business office between two African countries in LCY/USD (where regulations allow USD transfers).


  • A valid means of ID: International Passport, National lD, Driver's License, Voter’s Card or other acceptable government issued ID
  • Amount to cover principal + charges (a flat rate of GHS10 and 2% of the transfer amount)
  • Reference number (For Receive transactions)
  • Transfer Details of sender and receiver
  • Test question and answer

Operation Areas: All countries where UBA has a presence in Africa.

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