Payment Services

Payment Services

  • UBA Ghana will deploy to the company a cheque generation and payments solution that eliminates man-hours that would normally be spent writing and processing cheques for payment.
    Broadly, the system works as follows:
    Client uploads account payable information into the Bank’s system through a secure link. The information is processed, cheques are generated electronically and printed for distribution either directly to your suppliers or sent to you for distribution. Security protocols and procedures will be established as appropriate to eliminate the risk of unauthorized payments.


    Payments to suppliers of a corporate client who are also customers of the Bank can readily be done directly by you through our internet banking solution “U – Direct”.


  • Flexibility to manage the company’s financial position directly on-line. This will enable the company process all payables in the most cost effective way, thus ensuring payables reconciliation with minimal effort and delay.

  • Flexibility to process more cheques within the shortest possible time

  • Man-hours would be released to focus on core business activities