Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

A corporate treasurer’s main challenge often revolves around ensuring that the company’s cash resources are utilised to their maximum advantage.

You need a partner Bank like UBA Ghana that can help you:

  • Maximise interest income on surplus balances; minimise interest expense on deficit balances for domestic, regional and global accounts

  • Minimise FX conversion for cross-currency cash concentration

  • Customise liquidity management solutions for different entities in different countries

  • Centralise information management of consolidated account balances

Our Solution

UBA Ghana will help you define a liquidity management solution that will maximise returns on surplus funds and ensure the availability of funds for operational activities. Our solutions are as follow:

By agreement we will offer you a “Sweeping Service” under which the Bank transfers funds between the client’s accounts at the end of each day. Our automatic system will prompt each sub- account of the client to detect surplus funds, and pool them into one master interest-bearing account.

  • UBA Ghana will offer competitive rates on interest bearing deposits. Rates will be negotiated and agreed from time to time.

  • A tiered interest rate structure will be applicable to interest paying deposit accounts to ensure that larger balances attract higher interest rates.

  • The Bank will also offer time/term deposits with maturities ranging from 30 days to one year and pays competitive rates on these deposits.