Do you run a micro, small or medium business? Are you looking to grow? Look no further! The SME Banking division of UBA Ghana is your sure destination.


  1. 1.SME working capital facility
  2. 2. UBA schools
  3. 3. UBA medicals
  4. 4. UBA Divine
  5. 5. Bonds and guarantees
  6. 6. Invoice discounting facility
  7. 7. Local purchase order financing
  8. 8. Cash-backed facility
  9. 9. Temporary Overdraft
  10. 10. Asset and Vehicle finance
  11. 11. Overdraft
  12. 12. Loan (short/medium/Long)
  13. 13. Credit line
  14. 14. Import finance facility


  • SME working capital facility

Enjoy a working capital support in the form of Overdrafts & Short-Term Loans without landed property as collateral. Structured with respect to your cash flow cycle for a whole one year.

Traders (General Merchants, Supermarkets, dealers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and service sector players (Legal practitioners, Architectural firms, Consulting firms, Accounting and audit firms, IT Services, Interior Designers, Travel Agencies, Cleaning Services, Event Planners, Security Firms, Creative Arts and Entertainment among others) are given good rates and request processed within a short time.

  • Bonds and guarantees

Customers who engage in contract/supply jobs are catered for with all forms of bonds and guarantees.

  1. Bid Bond/Security
  2. Advance payment Guarantee
  3. Performance Bond
  4. Retention Bond
  • Local purchase order financing

It offers credit facilities to finance local purchase orders or contracts involving the supply or delivery of tangible items or products whose specifications are set out in the contract agreement or document

  • Invoice discounting facility

We provide financing against invoices issued and certified by the bank approved counterparties

  • UBA schools

Credit for registered Private Nursery/ Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions with no hassle.

  • UBA medicals

Medical Centres can buy cars, generators, computers, medical equipment with flexible terms.

  • UBA Divine

As we provide physical solutions, we help the churches to offer spiritual growth to our customers. We finance church expansions, purchase of instruments, church offices etc.

  • Cash backed facility

We offer credit facilities to customers against cash deposits or cash equivalents with the Bank or other credible institutions if need be. Build cash deposits and investments in cash and cash equivalents and borrow against it while your cash enjoys good interest rate.

  • Temporary Overdraft

We allow temporary facilities to be granted to our target customers against proven account activity. This is to meet temporary shortfalls in their working capital requirements, in the  form of one-off overdraft facility. Enjoy credit for a month and ease the short stress.

  • Asset and Vehicle finance

It offers our customers the opportunity to acquire trucks, cars and machines to support their operations.

  • Overdraft

To ensure continuity and uninterrupted operations, apply for UBA’s overdraft for a whole year. It is renewable upon expiry and limits may be extended upon expiry, depending upon the circumstances. Enjoy a working capital support to purchase stock/raw materials, pay salaries, and meet other operational expenses.

  • Credit line

We offer an overdraft with controlled utilization. The control is mainly to ensure that the funds are utilized for the purpose for which it was granted. A limit is placed on a non-chequing Account which is drawn and availed on customer’s current account for utilization. In instances where there are excess funds on the Current Account, the funds are swept (transferred) to reduce the balance on Credit Line. Apply for a line for 12 months and enjoy renewal upon expiry.

  • Loan (short/medium/Long)

Loans are availed to customers for their working capital expenditure and capital goods acquisition. This is suitable for customers who require structured repayment plans and have a predictable cashflow pattern. It comes with specific repayment plans or schedules in instalment or one-time when due. Though it is not renewable, it can be rescheduled or restructured and granted for more than 12months.

  • Import finance facility

This type of facility is mainly to support the import programme of customers. Documentary Letters of Credit (LCs) are deemed as ‘paper credit’, where financial institutions (Banks) pledge to make payment on behalf of clients to a foreign entity (Bank) at a specified period. Clients are expected to provide the funds to enable the Local Bank effect the transfer/payment on LC expiry date or alternate arrangements which include availing loan facility to the client and using same to make the payment.

Advisory Services

The provision of dedicated desks for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in each business office and head office, staffed by seasoned relationship managers, to provide SMEs with business advisory services.


As your financial doctors, we also offer you fun-filled and educational programs such as workshops, clinics, opportunity to exhibit your products on a global market and many more 

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Our business strategy is built on being the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent. Using our extensive spread across the continent, we aim to facilitate inter–and-intra-African trade and also be the pivot for the inflow of investment capital

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