Notification Services

Notification services is a platform that allows customers receive notice of transactions in your account(s).

Receive notice of transactions in your account(s)

UBA Transaction Notification is a service that is delivered via SMS and e-Mail. It enables delivery of account related information, product and services information in real-time to UBA customers’ mobile phones and email accounts. Most commonly, these products notify customers when money is deposited, withdrawn or any transaction takes place on any enrolled accounts.

Bank Statement

This is the delivery to our customers of their account activities either at the end of every business day, week or month through email. The customer specifies the frequency of the delivery and the format of the e-mail (i.e. either as a PDF or as an excel worksheet)


  • – Mail containing account details as at requested delivery period.
    – PDF or MS Excel version of statement is attached
    – User specifies delivery period i.e. End of Day, End of Week or End of Month.
    – Service is free to customers
    – UBA contact information to call if transaction is suspicious or not authorized


  • – Regular and up to date delivery of account statements as and when ordered.
    – User defined delivery periods

Wise Alert

Wise Alert is an SMS banking product that allows customers to receive to receive SMS notifications on their mobile phones or through their e-mail addresses or both, as and when the transactions occur on their accounts.