Non Resident Ghanaian Account (NRG)

The Non-Resident Ghanaian (NRG) Account is a specially designed account which enables Ghanaians living abroad to control their finances back home.


When you sign on as an NRG Account holder you are sure to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Repatriation of your hard earned income back to Ghana.
  • Safe haven for savings with a sound and efficient Bank in your home country
  • Ability to operate your account from your foreign base
  • Ability to give instructions to the bank virtually


With NRG account, you can:

  • Transfer money from your account to 3rd party accounts in Ghana
  • Transfer money to other UBA accounts
  • Pay your children’s school fees, medical and stipends
  • Gain incredible interest on your savings
  • Access flexible loans for your projects at home

Types of Accounts

The NRG Account provides the flexibility of opening any of these accounts:

  • NRG Standard Savings Account
    • This is an interest yielding savings account
  • NRG Standard Gold Account
    • This is a hybrid of current and savings with interest facility
  • NRG Standard Investment Account
    • This is a fixed deposits account for a tenure savings
  • NRG Standard Target Account
    • This is an account which allows you to set a target of a certain amount of towards which you can save. It allows only one withdrawal a year

How to Apply

  • Fill an on-line form or collect an account opening form from designated agents.
  • Get either your current banker abroad or a UBA Account Holder to give a reference.
  • Attach photocopies of information pages in passport, proof income, utility bill/ tenancy agreement
  • Send completed form to bank’s agent or mail the package to UBA Ghana
  • UBA does second level checks, establishes the account and mails back the welcome kit consisting of internet banking access PIN mailer


  • The NRG Account is available to Ghanaians living in the Diaspora. *please note that the customer bears the cost of mailing the welcome kit.