Cards enable you perform various transactions without the need to go to the banking hall.

Our cards are highly convenient to use anytime.

Our cards are issued to clients that perform one or more of a number of services that relate to giving the client access to numerous services.

Mastercard Platinum

The UBA MasterCard Platinum card offer services which not only allow customers transact easily with their cards locally and internationally, they also come with carefully considered benefits designed to exceed the customer’s expectation with a mixture of financial and lifestyle oriented components

The functions of the cards include; 
– Purchase at POS
– Purchase on WEB
– ATM Cash withdrawal

This includes but not limited to the following: – Airport Lounge key access to various Premium and VIP lounges – Discounted chauffeur rides with  Careem – Avis Car Rental Discounts


UBA Ghana issues two (2) variants of debit cards : VISA and Mastercard. The UBA card can be used to make withdrawals on all Visa /Mastercard branded ATMs. It can be used to make purchases locally and internationally on all points of sale at retail outlets that accept Visa/Mastercard such as grocery stores, filling stations, pharmacies, retail stores, and restaurants. It can also be used on the internet for payment of online purchases.
  • – Convenient, Secure & Simple / Easy to use
    – Fast growing number of acceptance points
    – Safety for customer
    – Multi Channel payment cards
    – Useable on Interswitch powered ATM, PoS, Internet,
    – Online real-time access to accounts (current/savings)
    Visa/Mastercard Debit Card forms are readily available at all UBA business offices nationwide.

UBA VISA Prepaid Card

It is a Cedi denominated card that is pre-funded and reloadable. It is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points. The card can be used for ATM, PoS and Web transactions.
  • PIN protected with chip technology for enhanced security
  • SMS transaction alert notification
  • Payment for goods and services on Point of Sale terminals at merchant outlets
  • Payment via internet
  • ATM withdrawal
  • Card can be Personalised or non-personalised
  • With the Prepaid card, you have a very high level of convenience and security
  • It saves you the hassle of carrying cash
  • It helps you keep tab on your expenses
  • Can be used both within the country and abroad