Other Financial Products

Short-term loans

A specified amount with agreed repayment period usually up to 12 month.

Medium-Term loans

A term commitment made available to customers for periods in excess of one year but not exceeding 5 years.


Overdraft is a revolving facility repayable on demand. This is Short-term funding to meet shortfalls in working capital. The facility is normally granted on current accounts.

Drawings against uncleared effects

Funds are drawn on customer’s account against cheques deposited in client’s account but not given value. Repayment will be automatic through clearance of cheques. This represents direct credit exposure and must therefore be covered by either an overdraft limit or specific limit.

Distributor Financing

To address the financing needs of dealers/distributors of corporate clients, UBA Ghana will establish a line of credit with a twelve month tenor and limits set for all distributors. This limit will be determined by the distributors’ operations and size. The dynamics are as follows:

  • The corporate client will be expected to provide recommendations in respect of each key distributor/dealer and facility amount.
  • The Bank will open a non checking account for each of the key distributor/dealer.
  • On the advice from the corporate client, the bank will move funds from the key distributor/dealer’s account with the key distributor/dealer consent to the corporate client’s account to effect payment for the invoiced goods.
  • The key distributor/dealer will then start paying in cash or cheques to reduce their debit position.
  • As soon as the account is funded enough to accommodate fresh invoices, a fresh cycle will commence with debit entry into the key distributor/dealer account to pay for invoiced goods.

Structured Finance

We can create and tailor the right structured solutions for your business needs in order to enhance shareholders’ wealth and your market competitiveness.

  • Structured financing solutions that optimize investment returns and reduces effective funding costs
  • Structured lease financing
  • Oil and Gas Project finance
  • Infrastructure development finance.