U-Care Savings Account

Interest bearing savings accounts established by parents and guardians for their children or wards who are a day old and up to 18 years.

Everyone is different so one size never fits all

U-Care is a product targeted at the emotional disposition of parents to save for their children.This is an education-specific savings account to be opened in the name of the beneficiary and designed to support education through primary and secondary school years.


  • Interest rate at normal Savings Rate
  • Credit facility availability to cover shortfall on School fees for salary account holders only
  • Free Standing order fee for transfer into the account internally
  • SMS alert on Birthdays
  • Free internal network transactions on the account
  • School fees payment on-line if School is signed on to Schools - on – line.


  • Opening & Operating balance of GHS30
  • One withdrawal per month or interest is forfeited.
  • Network transactions allowed.
  • Lodgement of cheques and dividend warrant issued in favour of account holder allowed into account.


U-Care is for Parents/Guardians who seek to save for their children’s education.
  • – Completed account opening form
    – 1passport photograph
    – Valid means of ID: Int’l Passport, National lD, Driver’s License, Voter’s card or other acceptable ID of parents/guardian
    – Birth certificate or International Passport of child
    – Utility bill not exceeding 3months old

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