Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking Questions & Answers

To do this, click on New Mobile Banking Customer? tab. You will have the following options to sign up using:

  • UBA Debit Card (MasterCard)
  • UBA Prepaid Card
  • UBA Account + Secure Pass
    Note: If you already have a Secure Pass (token) for UBA Internet Banking, it can be used here
  • In-BranchhSign-Up
    Note: For Branch sign up, visit any UBA Business Office.

When you change your device and/or download a new app, your profile may become temporarily inactive. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You may be prompted to be re-registered on the new device, simply proceed with the instructions.

If you forget your password, the app will prompt you to reset your password. You can also reset the password on the log-in screen (there is a ‘forgot your password?’ button). The password is a combination of small and big caps, alpha-numeric and special characters which is used to login to the app at the homepage.

You can change your PIN by clicking on Change PIN under the Setting menu (after login). The transaction pin which is a 4-digit pin is required when making a transaction.

  • Download UBA Secure Pass from the app or play store
  • Activate the app, set your PIN and you are good to go!

For self-administration on UBA Secure Pass, click here
a. You may need to visit a UBA Business Office if you are prompted that “The user you specified is not eligible for One-Time Password (OTP) login”
b. The same secure pass can be used for both UBA Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

Yes, when doing your transactions, there is a tab for save to beneficiaries. You can then be selecting from your beneficiaries list in subsequent transactions.
Note: Your beneficiary can be edited/deleted from settings, by sliding to the left.

After you log in to the app, select ‘transaction history’ from the menu; select the account you would like to view your Statement to display your transactions. You will be able to view your last 6 months’ statement.

You can purchase airtime, pay bills, transfer funds and also perform mobile money transactions on the platform. You also can take a tour to know what you can do with the mobile app and contact our 24/7 CFC via phone or email.

Quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option on devices that support this feature. The biometric authentication can either take your fingerprints or facial recognition. From the settings menu, click Biometric settings, enable face recognition and then follow the prompts.
You can customize your wallpaper with any picture of your choice.

If you are out of data or in a weak internet region, you can still use our Magic Banking code *822# to transact. Simply dial *822# and follow the prompts.


 Dial *170# and select option 1

Select option 6 – (Bank account)

Select option 1- (Wallet to bank account)

Select option 14 – (UBA)

Put in your account number and fund your UBA Account.


Dial *110# and select option 1,

Select option 3 – (Bank Account)

Select option 4 – (S-Z)

Select option 3 – (UBA)

Put in your account number and fund your UBA Account


Dial *111# and select option 1 – (Send money)

Select option  5 -(other banks)
Select option 1- (From AirtelTigo Wallet,

Select option 6- (T-Z)

Select UBA and finally put in your account number.

For additional enquiries, please contact our 24/7 Customer Fulfillment Centre via, 0302 634060